Whether you want a single video camera to view visitors at the front door from your alarm app or a standalone video solution-We’ve got you covered. Feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss your video needs by calling.

Interactive Video Home Security Services

SecuriMax Inc. allows you to gain a true picture of what is happening in your home or business with 24 / 7 on-demand video. With SecuriMax Inc.’s video services, peace of mind is just an instant click away.

24/7 Video Security for Your Home

Easily check on maintenance workers, pets, or babysitters by accessing your home’s secure LIVE video feed while at work or even on vacation. SecuriMax Inc. makes it easy to add video home security.

Check In At Home While Shopping

With our interactive video home security services, we bring you easy to use, high-quality video security. So you can easily check in at home anytime of day and from anywhere. Getting a cup of joe? Easy, log in with your laptop and view your cameras. On vacation? No problem, just use your smartphone to make sure everything is okay. With video home security, checking in at home is just a click away.

Know What Your Kids Are Doing When You’re Not Home

Do you ever wonder just how much your babysitting dollars are buying you? With our Interactive Video Home Security Services you can log in to your security cameras from any cell phone or laptop. Use it as a nanny cam to make sure your babysitter is reading to your children, not ignoring them.

Know Your Child Arrived Home Safely

With our triggered event notifications, you can have the peace of mind that your children made it home safe and sound.

Keep An Extra Eye On Your Elderly Loved Ones

Check in on a sick loved one, Elderly parents, grandparents. Be there even if you’re away!

See The Mischief Your Pets Get Into

Worried how your pets are doing? Check in on them easily from anywhere and see what

Fido really does when you are away.

24/7 Video Security For Your Business

Deter shoplifters, watch employees, or keep an eye on your company safe by accessing your business. Secure video feed online, anywhere and at anytime. With SecuriMax Inc., you can easily keep an extra eye on your business with our video security services.

Video Home Security Everywhere

These days, we are always on the go. Whether you are traveling for work or heading to the beach to relax, we find ourselves spending less time at home. Unfortunately, being gone makes it a perfect time for a burglar to strike. So, we made it easy to check in at home anytime, and anywhere with our smart phone app. Just click the icon and you can view your own live feed from your home security cameras. Also, you will stay notified with text notifications that can be read straight from your phone is protected with a home security system.

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